Since Joy Thigpen had started putting together her workshops, I had promised myself that I would find my way to one sooner or later (preferably sooner). She was a huge influence in my decisions to pursue styling work, so it only made sense. When I got a message in my inbox saying Joy would be having one in Georgia at the beginning of January, I wasted no time in signing up. 

I can't even begin to explain how awesomely magical it was. If you don't know who Joy Thigpen is, you should immediately google her and take a look at her work. Being able to sit in a room full of like-minded individuals, listening to Joy talk about her journey as a stylist and her philosophy on aesthetics was incredible. It was made even more magical by the beautiful venue Joy chose. I have even considered permanently moving to Serenbe on multiple occasions throughout the last few weeks (especially after looking through my photos over and over).

Part of the workshop also included a "how to make & shoot flowers" section, which I loved. Watching Joy effortlessly create one of the most beautiful arrangements I've ever seen was pretty fantastic. She's unbelievably talented. 

We also got a chance to do some arranging of our own.

As much as I loved the workshop and didn't want it to end, I also couldn't wait to get home and start implementing every last bit of what I had learned. It was definitely the best thing I could have done for myself as a creative and as an owner of a styling company. I'll be keeping you all in the loop as I start rebranding and refocusing my company in the next couple months.